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Apex Legends is quite a popular game in the masses and the latest entry in the ever-so-popular battle royale format. The game has garnered an amazing bit of interest, appreciation,and anticipation in such a short duration of its release and this speaks volumes about the graphics, visual effects and overall gaming experience of the game.


The game is loaded with action, suspense, thrill, and expects you to use your skills as a team (of 3) by putting you and your team in a map up against the other 19 in the last team standing battle with the feature of ever-shrinking ‘the Ring’ (circle which damages players outside a certain area) forcing you to confront the rivals in battle.


There are three in-game currencies including; Apex Coins, Crafting Metals and Legend Tokens. Among these, the apex coins have to be purchased by real money only and could be used to buy apex packs, some other items and unlock legends and skins and the crafting metals are used to craft skins and items and last but not the least, the legend tokens could be used to unlock legends and gained by playing the game and levelling up.


The game also has the feature of a ping system in order to promote communication between the team members to further develop a culture of teamwork. In the case of zero-health, a player is knocked out only to be revived easily if any of your team members are still alive and stands next to you. Even dead members could be revived in the game by using certain features at certain locations. You get to start the game without any equipment and quickly have to investigate minutely the surrounding areas around the location for ammo, weapons, gears, grenades and healing items.


There are eight legends in the game and two of them are needed to be unlocked by using apex coins (buying) or by legend tokens (levelling up). Each legend has its 3 unique abilities to drive home advantage in the battle. You cannot choose the same legend as one of your teammates and rather your choice should depend upon rounding off the abilities of your team in an overall basis to promote your chances of winning the battles against your rival teams.


One of the team members is designated the position of “jumpmaster” for directing all three players at once towards the wanted landing location while deploying from the transport ship above the map. As a player, you could also choose to separate from the pack at a certain point or continue with the jumpmaster to land at a specific location and help each other in winning the game.

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