Apex Legends Gameplay

Playing the game: the inner basics

Apex Legends is one of the most amazing free-to-play battle royal games to be released less than a month ago in the gaming industry. The game has already crossed a fan base of more than 10 billion in such a short span of time and is hailed for its scintillating graphics, awe-inspiring visuals and smooth gameplay experience even on low-end systems.


Is it a new Titanfall game?

Although it shares some of its core DNA with the game, it is not at all a new Titanfall game. The game is set in the same universe30 years after that game and is essentially a battle royale game but it has some key improvements and differences like; onus on team play, specific characters and roles and a few other things that set it apart from the other battle royale contenders. It could be termed as more of a team play version of battle royale format where everything is built around working as a team to win the game and battles. The game pits you and your 3 member squad against other 19 teams in a map in a last team standing scenario instead of working on the formulaic 1 against 100 styles employed in other games.


Choosing the Legend:

The gameplay starts with you choosing one of the eight champions or characters. Each of these 8 legends has their own 3 unique abilities that give them a specific advantage in battle. Only one of these characters can be in a 3 member squad at a time which means you cannot choose the same character as your teammate. Each character has an active, passive and ultimate ability to work to the team’s advantage as a collective effort. The passive ability includes skills like; increased running pace when under fire or even a shield protecting you while reviving squad members. The tactical ability could be activated by pressing a button and runs on a cooldown like; deploying a smoke grenade for cover, brief invisibility and invulnerability or even dropping a dome shield. The ultimate ability charges up more slowly and could be used to call down an airstrike (Gibraltar), opening up portals between two locations for safe travel for the team (Wraith) or even call down a care package to the desired location.



As it is mentioned earlier, the game expects a certain degree of teamwork this calls up for an effective communication system between the team members. There is a ping system in the game for this purpose that lets you communicate with your teammates without even talking to them. The game gives you a dedicated button to call out points of interest to the team members laying down indicators on their screen to pick up along with messages that they could hear. It could be pretty handy in pointing a loot, marking an enemy location and a lot of other things.



The game also provides a revival option when you lose your health completely and you just simply get knocked out of fight until a teammate revives you but even if you get killed before getting revived, the banner card from your loot item could be retrieved just in time by any of your teammates to bring you back by taking the card to one of the special respawn points and calling a dropship.

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