Battle Royale Specials: Apex Legends

Apex Legends is one of the most anticipated and appreciated games in battle royale category all thanks to its stunning visuals, breathtaking graphics,and flawless gameplay even in low-end systems. The so-called battle royale game category which is making waves in the gaming industry is named after a Japanese film of the same name. The film acquired a cult status and inspired manga, anime, comics, video games, movies, media of pop culture everywhere. The term ‘Battle Royale’ has ever since been redefined to refer to a fictional narrative genre or mode of entertainment inspired by the film in which a chosen group of people are instructed to kill each other until a winner or lone survivor remains. The game genre is named and inspired by the Japanese film.
There have been many popular battle royal games and Apex Legends is easily one of the best of them (if not the best). The game has already crossed the mark of 10 billion fanbase in such a short interval (around a month) of its release and this speaks volumes about the love and affection it has received from its fans and followers all over the world. The game gives you an option of choosing between 8 champions or legends (out of which 2 needs to be unlocked through buying or leveling up) and one of the 3 characters of your team is automatically assigned the role of a dive or jumpmaster which means if he will jump, the others will follow too. And this makes it easy for you to stick in initially in the game for diving to a landing location in the beginning. The gameplay puts you and your two other teammates in a map up against 19 other teams in the last team standing battle. The ever-shrinking circle called ‘The Ring’forces players to confront each other as it damages the players outside a certain area. There is no fall damage in the game even if you fall from great heights and even if you get killed, you could get revived by a knockdown shield. If you do lose your health, you only get knocked and as long as any of your teammatesare still alive, your champion could easily get revived by a teammate by standing next to him. The game also has three in-game currencies namely; Apex Coins, Legend Tokens and Crafting metals. There is even a ping system available in the game to enable the teammates to communicate with each other efficiently.

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