How To Get Apex Legends

How To Get Apex Legends

Apex Legends is one of the most popular games in the battle royale format arena. The fact that the game has garnered such amazing interest and following in such a short time of release (less than a month) tells you a lot about the graphics, visual effects and gameplay experience.

Apex Legends allows you to pick a character class and each legend has its own unique active, passive and ultimate ability that separates it from the rest of them and give an advantage in the battle. It’s very important to pick a legend that combines well with the abilities of the legends that your team members pick in order to work out strategies and have a better chance to win matches in the gameplay.

There are eight legends to select from in the game and out of those eight, two needs to be unlocked through apex coins (buying) or legend tokens (leveling up and playing). Each of the legends has their three special abilities to give them a benefit in the battle. You cannot choose the same legend as your teammates and your choice should rather be based upon what rounds off your team’s abilities well and give you a balanced strategy for the battles and gameplay.

The eight legends are:

  1. Bloodhound (Technological Tracker): The legend could pretty easily be used to track down enemies and is quite a powerful beast in battle.
  2. Gibraltar (Shielded Fortress): The legend is famed for shielding himself and teammates up against the opponent’s attacks and could even call down a mortar strike on rivals.
  3. Lifeline (Combat Medic): The legend works exceptionally well in terms of healing and reviving the teammates. It could also be used to avail care packages of high-quality gear.
  4. Pathfinder (Forward Scout): It could easily move around and help your teammates get to out-of-reach locations and view the Ring’s next location. It could also create ziplines for easy and fast team travel.
  5. Wraith (Interdimensional Skirmisher): The legend could use its transportation ability through various portals to help the team cross large distances at the same time avoiding damage and danger.
  6. Bangalore (Professional Soldier): The legend is quite a fast and versatile beast that could be used to fire smoke grenades and call in artillery strikes.
  7. Bloodhound (Technological Tracker): The legend could pretty easily be used to track down enemies and is quite a powerful beast in battle.
  8. Caustic (Toxic Trapper): It fires toxic gas canisters at foes in the battle and could even see those rivals through the gas clearly.
  9. Mirage: (Holographic Trickster): The legend could be used to cloak and deploy decoys of it and even the team members and thus confuse and distract the rivals in the process.

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