How To Play Apex Legends On PC

Apex Legends has got everybody hooked on ever since its release last month. The newest battle royale game has everything right from stunning graphics and visuals to gameplay options of the top notch. It runs smoothly even in low-end systems and is packed with action, thrill, and suspense. If you’re just starting out in the game and confused about how to pick up and get started then we have the perfect tips to give you a head start:


  • The game requires you to pick a legend or champion from the provided options. There are 8 characters available but 2 of them could only be unlocked by buying (apex coins) or levelling up (legend tokens). You cannot pick the same character as one of your teammates and your choice should depend upon rounding up the overall ability and skills of the team.


  • Each of the characters has 3 different abilities which distinguish them from the others and give them an advantage in the battle. If you’re looking for a safe option in the beginning then, Lifeline should be your pick. The character has the ability of unlimited heals and you could easily heal up if you lose health.


  • At the beginning of the game, one of the players is automatically assigned the role of a divemaster and others follow suit in terms of a diving location. Think of it as whenever the divemaster jumps, the rest of them will follow too. You could easily stick to the team this way initially.


  • You could even dive away from the rest of the team at some point.


  • The gameplay involves no fall damage even if you fall from great heights and friendly fire is off too. You could easily climb structures and cliff by holding jump.


  • Be selective when it comes to looting items as it will save you a lot of space in terms of the inventory. If the item that you’ve picked could not be used with your current weapon gear, you will see a red marker on the item. The best idea is to drop these items unless you are planning to save it for a future gun.


  • There is also a ping system in the game to communicate with the team members.


  • There are 4 tiers of gear in terms of the game. When it comes to the tier 1,2,3, they do the job of protecting you and reduce damage as you go up. The tier 4th or the golden tier has some other perks and advantages too.


  • The helmet promotes your abilities to recharge faster and on the other hand, the armor recharges the knockdown shield when you perform execute on anyone. The backpack allows you to pick up items faster.


  • There is a knockdown shield available in the game which allows you to revive yourself after being killed.

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