Legends or characters: It’s what you make of them

Apex Legends made a groundbreaking entry into the world of modern battle royale gaming industry less than a month ago and thanks to its spell-binding graphics, visuals and smooth running credentials even on low-end systems that it has emerged as a contender for the top-spot pretty easily. The game is packed with thrill, action, suspense,and great features to keep players engaged and thrilled all the time. Based on the battle royale format, the game gives you an option of choosing between 8 characters or champions and each of these characters have their own 3 special abilities to give them an added advantage in the battle. You cannot choose the same character as any of your teammates and this choice should rather be made upon rounding off the overall ability of the team.

Out of the 8 characters, two of them need to be unlocked by purchasing (apex coins) or leveling up (legend tokens). The best thing about the characters of the game is that they are simple and easily relatable and do not come with a back story or backgrounds. We could agree on the fact that It’s those characters that help us connect to stories in a more engaging and intriguing way but when it comes to games, the baggage of the lore, mysteries, cliffhangers (that rarely affects the game and gameplay) and a lot of backgrounds could prove to be useless. And this is exactly where; the game keeps it simple and effective. It has more action figures than real characters which could easily be described in a few simple words like; Mirage is a cocky trickster and Bangalore is a dedicated soldier.

This encourages players to be engaged in having fun or shooting and diving rather than thinking about other things like their secrets and backstories. It rather lets players make their own stories and fan fiction while enjoying the game at the same time. Each of the characters is introduced through an impressive and clever introductory animation, a few in-game voice lines and a brief biography that does not feel like baggage at all. Everything else is left blank and is for the players to imagine as they wish. The time when a lot of effort is being put in the lore of the current battle royale gaming industry, the apex legends turns up as a fresh breath of air. It proves that going light on the characters and one-being dimensional could work too.

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