Playing Apex Legends Game

The beginners guide to get a headstart on one of the most popular and amazing games in the gaming circuit today.


Apex Legends is the newest entry on the battle royale segment which has amassed quite a bit of popularity in less than a month of release. The popular game puts you and 2 of your teammates in a map up against the 57 enemies (19 other teams of 3 members) out to get a taste of your blood in a fight to the last team standing scenario.


The game allows you to choose a character class as compared to other battle royale games which did not grant such liberty. Each of the legends has their own active, passive and ultimate ability which are unique and quite crucial moving forward in the game. It is quite crucial to pick a legend that matches and combines well with legends that your teammates have chosen for the game to make it work well for winning matches.


You get to start the game with no equipment and have to quickly abrade the landing area for weapons, items, ammo, armor, grenades, healing items, and weapon attachments to protect you and your teammates against other enemy teams. As time goes on, the players are forced to face each other through a phenomenon, known as “Ring” (an ever-shrinking circle which damages players outside the certain area) in a fight to the last team standing theme.


You could also communicate with your team members through a ping system to promote teamwork and ultimately your chances of winning. When you start the game and the whole team picks their specific legend, one of the teammates is designated the “jumpmaster” for directing all three of you at once towards the wanted landing location while deploying from the transport ship above the map.


One could also choose to separate from the pack at a certain point or continue with the jumpmaster to land at a specific location and therefore help each other out comfortably and with ease. There are also revival options if you reach to zero health in the game as you’re merely knocked out and all the while your living team member could stand next to you and use the interactive key to do the job for you.

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