The player base of Apex Legends

Don’t miss out on the action and adventure and get your friends to join too.


Apex Legends is one of the latest battle royale sensations to have hit the gaming circuits last week. The free-to-play game which covered the fanbase of 10 million followers on the first day of its initial launch now boasts off close to 25 million players after a week.


The game based on the battle royale format puts you and your 3 member team against 19 other teams in a map in the last team standing battle scenario. The game which is packed with stunning graphics and visuals runs smoothly even on low-end systems. It has employed some key improvements and features from the last string of battle royal games to give a fresh and unique experience to players who love the genre.


The surprise launch has gone down pretty well with players all around the world and it has reached quite close to a point where it could easily challenge the likes of most popular and played battle royale format games in the industry. The games feature 8 characters or champions that the player has to choose (each with their 3 unique abilities to give them an upper hand in the battle) at the beginning of the adventure and one cannot choose the same characters as any of your two teammates.


Out of these 8 characters, two of them need to be unlocked by buying (apex coins) or leveling up (legend tokens). The game also has three in-game currencies or microtransactions which allow players to buy cosmetics and apex packs namely; Apex Coins (bought with real money), Legend Tokens (obtained by leveling in the game), Crafting Metals (obtained by apex packs) which you get from gaining experience in the game.


At the start of the game, you don’t have any weapons or gear and have to inspect the landing area for the same. One of the teammates is automatically given the status of dive or jumpmaster and when he dives, other players follow too which is quite helpful in the beginning for the new players finding it difficult to stick in. The ever-shrinking circle or the ring inflicts damage on players outside a certain area and this force players to confront each other till there is only one team standing in the game.

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