What are Apex Legends Coins?

What are Apex Legends Coins?

Decoding the premierin-game currency and how to obtain it

Apex legend is a free and one of the most popular games in the gaming circle today. The battle royale scenario game includes various types of currencies to unlock new characters, skins,and items and offers an unbelievable gaming experience. The game has quickly amassed a lot of fame and fan following in less than a month of release and is topping the charts everywhere, being termed as ‘the next big thing’.The gameplay puts you in a map up against 19 teams in the last team standing scenario with some stunning graphics and visual effects to give you an unforgettable experience. Some of these currencies have to be purchased with real money and there is no other way at all to obtain them for the game.

Apex Legend coins are actually an in-game currency that could be used to unlock legends and purchase cosmetics from the Apex Legend game store. At present, the only way to obtain them is buying (with real money) as they cannot be earned in the game itself. There are many websites and blogs that do claim to provide free apex coins but most of them are scams and fakes. So your only chance is to buy them directly from the store and save yourself from hoaxes and frauds lurking around the same.

The coins are the premier in-game currency that could unlock new skins and characters and therefore giveaway to a better and complete gameplay experience. The real-money microtransaction or apex coins could be used to purchase apex packs (which in turn give you three different cosmetics options from a pool of items) and specific loot items. The other two main in-game currencies that could be used to purchase items include; crafting metals (for crafting skins and items), and legend tokens (gained by leveling up in the game).

Coins could provide access to specific skins which are available in store. These skins are, although, not exclusive and could also be crafted by using crafting metals otherwise. If you do end up purchasing a skin through apex coins, you could easily unlock the ability to purchase an alternate version of the skin by using legend tokens (which are obtained by playing the game). Legends like Caustic and Mirage are also obtainable by using apex coins but you could also easily get them from using legend tokens obtained by leveling up in the game itself.

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